Gourmet Candy Floss and Ice Cream Stall

Another Unique concept from Scene Setters – why offer your guests just one when you can have both!!

Vanilla whipped ice cream and gourmet candy floss flavours is a dream come true for many – all served from our professionally made inspired ice cream and candy floss stall created to our design.


Choose from Multiple Ice cream Toppings and different candy floss gourmet flavours

Our whipped ice cream is served with your choice of multiple toppings – try hundreds and thousands, coconut or chocolate sprinkle – all served in specially designed tubs. Our candy floss comes in 5 different gourmet flavours and colours – Bold Bubble Gum, Saucy Strawberry, Mighty Mint, Bonkers Banana and world favourite Pretty in Pink! All our candy floss is made using our traditional candy weaver there and then.

Our stall is designed to our own specification and enhanced to make a spectacular display for your guests – traditional cart complemented by pastel lighting, vintage props and signage. Your server on the day will be dressed in traditional retro outfit including straw boater hat and is an expert in hosting quality events.

Whipped Ice Cream and Gourmet Candy Floss – a winning combination

  • – Uniquely designed Stall that combines both whipped ice cream and gourmet candy floss
  • – Ice cream of the highest quality all the way from Italy
  • – Available as soon as your guests arrive at your wedding venue
  • – Multiple toppings available
  • – NEW this year – chocolate dip topping; insanely tasty
  • – Candy Floss made in front of your eyes
  • – Multiple gourmet candy floss flavours available on the day
  • – Fully uniformed attendant to serve your guests
  • – Highest quality props that are always new and fresh
  • – We remain until the last guest leaves for the dining room

Candy Floss Hire

  • Italian Whipped Ice Cream
  • Hot Chocolate Toppings & Delicious Dips
  • Gourmet Candy Floss

Italian Whipped Ice Cream

You won’t see anything like this anywhere else!  We’ve made a real scene with this one and your guests will love it!

Our whipped ice cream comes from natural ingredients and is made there and then on the spot using our traditional ice cream maker imported all the way from Italy who we all know are the Master Ice Cream creators!!

Our world favourite vanilla flavour will ensure all your guests make haste to our traditional stall before the queue really builds up!  The taste doesn’t stop there as we add a number of topping choices such as Chocolate Sprinkle, Coconut and Hundreds and Thousands to enhance the vanilla flavour.  So popular are our toppings that we have introduced retro styled self-serve dispensers so your guests can indulge in a little extra or be prudent with a little self-restraint (surely impossible)!  Our dispensers also allow our Host to serve a little quicker so keeping that queue to a minimum.

Hot Chocolate Toppings & Delicious Dips

New this year– Our chocolate dip topping comes straight out of our traditional melt pot and again we have taken our inspiration from Italy as we use the best dipping chocolate from 78788878778. We pour our melted chocolate onto your whipped ice cream where it instantly hardens giving you a wonderful combination of soft ice cream beneath a chocolate crust. Believe me we had great fun trying this out for ourselves and we can confirm it is a delicious partnership.

We DO NOT make any additions to our chocolate unlike chocolate fountains which includes cooking oil to keep it running.  Ours is melted in the traditional way with no added ingredients – perfect!

Gourmet Candy Floss

Our candy floss is equally delicious and complements our ice cream to give your guests a great choice (especially the kids).  Coming in 5 different gourmet flavours our candy floss is made on the spot and created using our traditional weaver by our expert host.

Flavours include Bonkers Banana, Saucy Strawberry, Pretty in Pink, Mighty Mint and Rude Raspberry.  We also mix in additional tastes and colours depending on the event to ensure that no two are the same. For weddings our host will arrive early in the day to make sure everything is set up and will be ready to begin serving as soon as your guests arrive at the venue. He will continue to serve until your guests are called into dinner.

Both our gourmet candy floss and whipped ice cream are served from our unique, traditional stall which we commissioned from a local craftsman. It is a thing of beauty and a light extravaganza! Pastel angel lights filter through the stall to give a real retro feel and these are complemented by sparkling white lights to balance the colour effect.  Vintage orange boxes and creamery can are decorated in traditional style giving you and your guests that reflection of a by-gone age.

Our friendly expert Host loves his job and is attired in traditional uniform including straw boater hat.  He is certified in hygiene practice and our company has the highest hygiene certification from Omagh and Fermanagh District Council.

Book us for your event – you won’t be disappointed!

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