Wicker MoonGate - A Fairytale Scene of Pure Magic

Make your vows in front of a hand woven wicker and grapevine Moongate – the perfect backdrop.

Our Moongate brings a sensational backdrop to your wedding venue should it be in a hotel, country house, marquee or renovated barn. Another first for SceneSetters: commissioned by us and created by a true expert.


A sensational backdrop to your wedding

We don’t like to overstate things but we believe we have really pushed the bar with our handmade wicker and grapevine Moongate ring. Made entirely of natural products and handwoven by an expert craftswoman, our Moongate stands just over 7 feet high and 7 feet wide.

Imagine you and your partner taking your vows in front of a truly beautiful unique backdrop. Our Moongate adds incredible value to the ambience of your venue and provides for an incredible photo shoot opportunity bringing additional value to your professional photograph album.

A Scene of Pure Magic

  • – Available nowhere else – unique to Scene Setters
  • – 7ft ring of hand Woven Wicker/Grapevine backdrop
  • – Decorated with enigmatic twinkling fairy lights
  • – Enhanced with beautiful flower and silk ribbon arrangements
  • – Can be made even more special with your own flower arrangement
  • – Personalise by having your names displayed within the MoonGate
  • – Can be used at the wedding venue as ceremony backdrop or as table planner
  • Wicker MoonGate

    • Truly Unique
    • A Fairytale Scene
    • Astonishingly Beautiful

    Truly Unique

    We have had the privilege of attending many weddings and so you could say we are a bit of an expert in what works and what doesn’t.  We noticed a long time ago that we could enhance the settings for weddings that take place outside the traditional church or chapel.

    Our idea was to provide a backdrop for wedding and civil ceremony venues such as hotels, country houses, marquees, renovated barns or indeed any venue that tends to use the same decoration, i.e. a white table in front of white or cream hanging material (either with or without glittering lights!).

    We wanted to make something completely different and could be personalised for each wedding couple so making it a truly unique piece for each and every ceremony.

    A Fairytale Scene

    Standing just over 7 feet in height (7ft 5 inches to be precise) and 7 feet wide, our wicker MoonGate is an impressive feature and will be a huge talking point for your guests.  It is made from natural wicker and grapevine and woven in a traditional style and method. The wicker circumference is 22cms thick giving the whole piece a real quality feel and ambience.  It is self-standing (approximately 20cms above the ground) and is decorated with highest quality floral decoration and intertwined with high quality angel lighting creating a fairytale scene of pure magic.

    Inside the wicker ring we hang the first names of the wedding couple which is made from quality poplar wood in a beautiful font and finished in a cream lacquer polish.  And to make it even more personalised you can add your own floral display in your wedding colours.

    Astonishingly Beautiful

    We set up the MoonGate on the morning of your wedding and remove it once the knot has been well and truly tied when husband and wife, wife and wife or husband and husband plus guests have left the ceremony area.  If you want to continue to use the MoonGate for the banquet/dinner reception then no problem as we will stay and move it to the required location.  Unfortunately the MoonGate is not available during the dancing celebrations.

    So let’s do away with bland, cream curtains and recite your vows in front of your guests with our beautiful sparkling MoonGate in the background.  It really is an astonishing beautiful piece.

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